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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a tough thing. Its hard to talk about what could happen to a loved one. Network Benefits provides coverage for each and every family member, budget, or lasting legacy to pass along. Life Insurance is a unique tool that can provide many different ways to protect those most dear to you. Products like Universal Life, Term Insurance, and Whole Life policies can be designed to fit the need.

Know How Much You Need?
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Term Insurance
The most basic form on life insurance. Simple, easy, limited. Term Insurance is an agreement with the life insurance carrier to protect the insured for a specific amount of money for a specific period of time. This form of life insurance is most cost effective way to buy life insurance.

  • Common Uses
    • Debt Coverage i.e. mortgages,¬†vehicle loans, student loans, credit cards
    • Protect a families quality of life when a member dies
    • Life Insurance on a Budget

Whole Life
Whole Life Insurance¬†will have level premiums and is guaranteed to pay the death benefit (as long as the premiums are paid). The policy will also gain cash value that the insured can loan against in time of need or completely cash out if they don’t need the death benefit. The cash value grows tax free within the policy.

  • Common Uses
    • Tax-Free Investment Diversification
    • Lifetime coverage
    • Tax-Free transfer of an estate to family members

Universal Life
Universal Life is the Swiss army knife of life insurance. With flexible premiums, lifetime coverage, and cash value the universal life insurance policy is not designed for a simple transaction. It was designed for those who wanted more control over their life insurance.

  • Common Uses
    • Lifetime coverage with flexible payment options
    • Cost-effective lifetime coverage